I’m thankful to other creatives, entrepreneurs, and dreamers for helping me get new perspective, expanding the boundaries of my everyday, and inspiring me in new ways.

I’m always learning and digesting new articles, podcasts, books, and the like.  I also super appreciate the vision behind certain companies who want people to live more authentically into who they were created to be.  So, here’s my shout out to some of them.  I’m always open to be introduced to new things and I will update this page as I meet new people, read new things, and get inspired!


Allison Fallon (Author & Speaker) – https://allisonfallon.com/ 


The Practice Collective (formerly Pocket Fuel) – www.pktfuel.com/pf

SWL – So Worth Loving – http://shop.soworthloving.com/

Purpose Jewelry – https://www.purposejewelry.org/


There’s so many I want to list.  I have so many on my nightstand, it’s starting to get ridiculous. Ones from Henri Nouwen, C.S. Lewis, Chip & Dan Heath, and many others, so here’s a few more:

Brené Brown – http://brenebrown.com/books/  Her books, all of them – GOLD!!!  Her TEDtalks – PRIME!!! Just know her already!

Donald Miller – http://scaryclose.com/  His book, Scary Close, was awesome – just finished it. He is known for his book Blue Like Jazz and Father Fiction.

A.J. Gregory – http://www.ajgregory.net/works  Her book, Messy Faith, loved it!

Henry Cloud – http://drcloud.com/pages/poweroftheother His book, The Power of the Other, helped me to discern the healthiness of relationships and the impact of people on our performance.


The BadChristian Podcast – http://badchristianmedia.com/podcasts/

A couple of my friends introduced me to this podcast and I’ve listened to almost every episode. Disclaimer: they can be vulgar, crass, and definitely push you to the edge of how you view things.  I appreciate their genuineness in presenting themselves (aka not perfect).

The Art of Manliness – http://www.artofmanliness.com/category/podcast/

A vast majority of the topics are just good people knowledge, not necessarily just for men. I’ve enjoyed the interviews and perspectives that Brett brings out that I would have never thought.

The Place We Find Ourselves – https://adamyoungcounseling.com/podcast/

This is a counseling podcast and has really helped me in working out the past trauma in my story.