To Live as a Masterpiece stems from my prayer for myself and also for you that we would step into being the masterpieces we were created to be despite what we have experienced in the past or what will come in the future. Ephesians 2:8-10 is one of my favorite passages of Scripture, particularly in the New Living Translation (NLT). I love that version because in verse 10 Paul writes that, “you [namely me and you] are God’s masterpiece.”

I’m not an artist. In fact, I have trouble drawing stick figures. But I have some incredible artist family and friends and have had more than one instance to watch their creative process.  A finished work of art—a masterpiece—is the product of long hours and intentional thought. A masterpiece has deliberate beauty in the brush strokes, paint choice, and even the art medium used. You and I are intentional beings from the design of our frame to the inner-workings of our mind. Our personalities, our humor, our faults, and our families are only part of what make us unique from the other pieces around us.

Real life: Some days I have a hard time believing aspects of myself are masterpiece material—that they were intentioned to have purpose to me or to others. Some days I have a hard time believing that I’m cared about, loved, wanted or valuable, especially with some of the difficulties this life has thrown my way.  We need continued reminders to know that we are loved, cared about, wanted, and that we have immense value. May we believe it more today than we did yesterday and live each day as a Masterpiece! And in case no one has told you recently, let me be the one to remind you: You are a Masterpiece!

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