sunset pic
The sun setting in beautiful Huntington Beach. The end of one day and beginning of something new.

Here we are!  Another year done and a new one on the horizon.  As I opened up my email and IG today, I saw dozens of, “New year, new me” posts and advertisements.  It got me thinking a lot about resolutions and the heart behind what they represent.

Is making the first day of 2019 more about a goal of future accomplishment I want to have? Or is a resolution more of a question asking, “can I have a clean slate and unburden all that came before?”

I don’t know about you, but 2018 for me was a mixed bag! I had a year filled with some awesome highs – getting engaged & married, getting accepted for my second masters program, and learning to set some firmer boundaries where I didn’t have them before.  But I also experienced some pretty devastating lows – the personal effect of people abusing their positions of power, months of mind crippling depression, and the reopening of some old wounds from other peoples behavior towards me.

There were a good number of days where these things mentally ensnared me and seemed to stop short my progress in Masterpiece living. And not only that I tripped myself up, but that I saw other people consistently treat me according to who I was and not who I am today.  I mean, if I’m being honest about what other people think of me and this is me just processing so sorry for the tangent; is it really my failure to improve on actual past or perceived negative behaviors that keeps them treating me a certain way?  Or is that they fail to change their outlook because it would require them to process new information, get to know me in a new way, and possibly admit they don’t know everything?

So when my internal voice or that of others are too loud, then I have no where to fall back on except for what God says.  But in the same breath of relying on what God says, I question: do I truly believe that His authority has a more prominent place in my life than the position I’m giving these people? Or does His voice speak truer than even my own negative internal head script?

If I’m being honest, there are a good handful of times the answer is no. But today I received a resolution revelation and not only for January 1st, but a promise that is for every day.

God speaks being a new creation over us! This is not a one and done, but a consistent reminder that His grace & mercies are new everyday because He is doing a new thing, and that while pain may stay in the night, joy comes in the morning. And let me tell you after nights of crying myself to sleep with a depression cloud over my head, that is a stinkin’ amazing message indeed.  God is in the business of newness, restoration, and bringing life from the place death once stood.

So my prayer for myself and also for you as we step into 2019 is that we can truly embrace that we are not who we were yesterday.  That the mistakes you have made, the goals you never followed through on, and the negative attitudes that once held you captive to old behaviors are not yours to take hold of today or any other day.

May “new you” be less of a flippant goal reserved only for the first day of the year and more of a reminder that beginning again is a daily option to live more fully into who we are meant to be.

Until next time… Live as a Masterpiece!


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