For the last few years it has felt like my life is in total transition. I graduated from my masters program, began a new job, moved, am attending a new church, got married, moved again, switched roles at my job, and started back in school. And there seems to be no slowing down. Heck, I even am reminded of change as I transition my bedding from a heavy winter duvet to light summer blankets. Haha.

Truthfully, the impact of it all hit me this morning and in the most awkward of ways. Like I mentioned, I just recently switched bedding and in the last week, my husband and I have had moments where we sleep with no covers or that leg out, “temperature regulator” position. You know what I’m talking about.

Anywho, I don’t know about your house, but in ours, with hotter temps comes more bugs, particularly spiders. Hubby and I have noticed that we have got more little love nips on our legs from those times we are have decided to sleep more comfortably. While I don’t know for sure if it’s spiders, they are getting all the blame since we’ve killed a few in the last week or so. Those stinkin’ little blood suckers.

So science lesson I just learned, some bugs when they bite you have an anesthetic property to their venom that numbs you when they sink their teeth/fang in you. This can be why you may not feel it when they initially bite you. It is only the after effects of venom irritation or you see the redness and bump that leaves us wanting to rake our skin.

Yesterday morning, as I was itchy-scratchy and just generally wanting to remove my leg from the annoyance of these little love marks left from our arachnid neighbors, it made me think a lot about this consistent transition season.

Truth be told, I am tired of change. I am tired of not feeling settled and not feeling like I have solid footing. And it seems like along the way of change, I keep getting these little bites to my heart and soul. Situations and circumstances, that not while life changing, sting and itch when I already feel unsettled, causing more restlessness.

Have you ever been in seasons like that or know what I mean?

While yes, I am craving rest & stability and hopeful that will come soon, I actually want to be more attentive to the things that would try to numb my feeling and suck the life out of me.

I find it funny how God continues to bring this lesson of attentiveness, mindfulness, and sensory awareness to the forefront. He never lets me forsake the gift of being clued into the small stuff.

So my prayer for myself, and also for you, is that we would be given a pocket of time however large or small this week to identify those things that would take away life. Maybe it’s social media, an unhealthy relationship, a bad habit, or an underlying judgment in your head that you are not good enough, loved, valued, or needed.

Would you get the antidote you need, in necessary measure, to provide the salve to your itch. And would you be reminded today, as I was, that while bugs can break your skin and cause irritation, they can’t crush your spirit that pulls you through.

Until next time…Live as a Masterpiece!

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